Cassidy Storm-Game Night

This is a double first for me today. This is the first book I’ve read of Cassidy Storm’s, and it’s the first FF to show up on the blog, so that’s very cool, yes? So, let’s see what happens on Game Nightshall we?

The basic plot is that Mia and Alyssa work together. Alyssa has a huge crush on Mia, and manages to make every single excuse she can to get near Mia, so when Mia invites her over for Game Night, Alyssa jumps at the chance. I mean, wouldn’t you if your crush said hey, come over to my house? Even at my age, I would totally fucking jump on that.

When Alyssa gets to Mia’s house, it turns out that she isn’t the only one over to play games that night. There is Dallas, Casey, and Willow. Dallas and Mia are dressed in a costume. Casey says she always dresses like this. And Willow is dressed like she’s super sweet. Poor Alyssa, she didn’t know that she was supposed to dress up.

The games that they play are super fun. There are all kinds of variations of poker and some never have I ever and maybe just a smidgeon of truth or dare. Of course, I’m pretty sure there are a whole lot of games being played that we don’t know about, but it works on so many, many levels.

I like most of the characters. I really don’t like Casey. She’s a snotty bitch. I loved it whenever Alyssa clapped back at her and whenever Mia told her off. It was perfect. I really wish that she had been knocked down a little more. I love the chemistry that Mia and Alyssa have. It’s kind of sweet and shy and just cute.

I would love to see another Game Night to see what would happen next, or maybe the day after Game Night.


Oh, I really love the tease that is the ending of this. It’s perfect for the story.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Go hit it up. Happy reading!


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