Nicolina Martin-Break My Chains

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Nicolina’s book, This Is Not Love, which was pretty dark, so when I grabbed Break My Chains, I thought that I would be getting pretty dark again. But, not so much. Not to say that it isn’t dark, but more like a 5 or 6 than a 10. It was an excellent story, with some truly heartwrenching parts that had tears pouring down my face. Sometimes it felt like almost more happy than I could handle, while there were times when it was so sad and bleak.

So, Martin is in a high security prison in Florence, CO after having been arrested as a serial killer in Homer, AK. He’s accused of killing 6 women, including his mother and mistress. But, he manages to escape somehow, and of course, on the day that a massive snowstorm has moved in. He’s not dressed in any shape to handle a massive snowstorm or the associated cold, which could conspire to kill him, but luckily, he finds a cabin out in the middle of nowhere.

Mia and her dog, Jack, live out in the middle of nowhere. She’s a photographer who ran away from home a couple of years ago, for reasons. Now, she walks through the woods, takes pictures of what she sees, and offers her services to local businesses, to help them with marketing and such. She sees the snowstorm coming in and thinks about going to the store, but then she gets involved in what she’s doing, and ends up snowed in with nothing but canned goods, and the TV to keep her company, until she answers the door and a huge fugitive walks in. Of course, she doesn’t know who he is, so she lets him in to let him warm up.

I love the chemistry between Mia and Martin from the very beginning. It’s explosive from pretty much the first minute she figures out who he is. There’s a lot of yelling, screaming, doors breaking, belts, and naked, tattooed goodness. They don’t have an easy sort of chemistry in the beginning. I mean, who would if you were trapped in your own home with an escaped felon, and not just a felon, but one who was a serial who killed women? Yeah, I wouldn’t be all easy or anything. Jack liked Martin though, even when Mia wasn’t too sure about him. Oh, and Jack is a Bernese Mountain dog. Berners are freaking huge, and too cute for words. I love their coloring. Anyway, poor Mia, being held hostage in her own house and her loyal dog is making nice with the person holding her hostage.

Mia is a really interesting character, and I loved living in her head as much as we did. The majority of the book is her POV. We don’t get any Martin POV until later in the book, and it works out really well that way. I don’t think it would’ve worked as well with a shared POV from the beginning.


I really enjoyed Mia’s journey and evolution. There was a lot happening and a lot that she had to process.

OK, that’s all on this one. Go hit up the Almighty Zon and check it out. Happy reading!

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