Renee Rose-Joker’s Wild

It’s time for another Tacone book from Renee Rose with Joker’s Wild. Is it weird that I went with the 80’s game show that’s making a comeback with Snoop Dogg? Sadly, those things aren’t as sexy as Junior Tacone and Renee’s book, so I guess I’ll have to readjust my thinking again.

Santo Tacone Junior is currently the head of the Tacone family while his dad is in prison. He’s been raised to take that position and be very responsible. His 4 younger brothers think that he’s a total dick. He was taught to take that birth order thing seriously, so he does what he has to do. And he hates every second of it. When he and his brothers, Gio and Paolo, go out to have a meeting with some Russians, it turns out that they have been set as a trap. Gio gets shot and Junior gets a little crazy and kills all the Russians. They can’t take Gio to the hospital because they might get pinned to the dead Russians. So, Junior does the only thing he can do. He takes Gio to his house and gets the best nurse he could think of, Desiree.

Desiree is currently a trauma nurse at Cook County, but in the past she has worked as home health care. When Junior’s Ma needed home care, she was the one who took care of her. Junior was taken with her, but he also knows that she’s a good nurse. So, he sends out his men to go get her. He tells them to not hurt her. Of course, when they grab her, handcuff her, and pull a bag over her head, they never hurt her. Scaring the fuck out of her isn’t hurting her. Dumbass men. Of course, being a damn good nurse, Desiree walks in, looks at the situation, and takes over, and gets things going. There’s a lot of tension there between Desiree and Junior, because she’s fantasized about him for all that time. And oh fuck, are her fantasies hot.

I spent a lot of the first books thinking that Junior was a massive dickhole. Of course, he didn’t really help there, as you may remember. But, reading his book and getting a look in his head makes me actually like him, surprisingly enough. He bears a heavy weight. As the oldest kid, I can totally get that, and I don’t even have the heavy weight of a parent’s expectation on me like Junior does. I love how fierce Desiree is and how fiercely she defends him when he needs it, even from himself. It’s pretty awesome how she does that, and it’s amazing to Junior that someone actually pays attention to him and sees him. I don’t think anyone has ever seen him before, except for maybe his mother. I love how he’s romantic towards Desiree, but not in ways that you and I might think is romantic, but it works for them.


OK, beating the shit out of Desiree’s ex and then coming and waiting for her outside of work every night so that she got into her car safely, that’s totally an example of Junior being romantic towards her. Not your typical romance, right?

I can’t wait for Alessia’s story. It ought to be interesting.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check out the whole series! Happy reading!

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