Anna Edwards-Tainted Reasoning

Tainted Reasoning is the second book in Anna Edwards’ Dark Sovereignty series. This book is not a standalone. You have to have read the first book, Legacy of Succession, in order to know what’s going on in this one. (Check out my review here.) There will be things that spoil the first book in this review. It’s just the way of things when it comes to a trilogy. I will try to keep it down as much as possible, but it isn’t always possible, so be aware of that, and read accordingly.

The first book was the story of Nicholas and Victoria and how they are going to change their part of the world. In that book, we met Tamara, who is Victoria’s best friend. They are so close that they basically consider themselves like sisters. Victoria has lived vicariously through Tamara during all the years her father kept her sequestered. Now Tamara has graduated from Cambridge and is a brand new lawyer, and she’s bound and determined to go take care of her friend Victoria, who was given to Nicholas so that her father could have a better position in society. Poor him, it must be so hard to be rich and a Viscount. Poor, poor man.

We also met William is Nicholas’ younger brother, the spare in the heir and the spare situation. He’s spent his life being hidden away by the evil bastard that was his father. That’s because William is autistic, and the old Duke didn’t want to be “embarrassed” by his “weird” son. Yeah. Ask me what I think of that. Anyway, now that Nicholas is Duke, William has a lot of freedom, but he worries. He worries about being wired wrong or being just not right, and having all that darkness inside of him. (Which brings up the whole nature v. nurture thing.) (protip: being autistic doesn’t make anyone wrong or weird or anything. Don’t go there.)

Anyway, Tamara is on a crusade. She’s going to go rescue Victoria and get her away from the evil clutches of Nicholas. She knows some of what happened, and she knows that her very best friend has been in a seriously bad place. So, away to Oakfield Hall. When she meets Nicholas, she promptly applies her knee to his nuts because she hears Victoria screaming, and she comes out with a torn shirt while Nicholas is trying to fasten his trousers. At which point Victoria tells Tamara that it’s all good, and William explains that they are in the honeymoon phase and they are busy fucking like bunnies and that Nicholas often has his dick in Victoria’s pussy. And that is actually what he says, and there’s just something about that phrase that just made me laugh out loud. It was so fucking funny, especially as Nicholas is currently sitting on a chair with a bag of ice sitting on the said member.

William is pretty much massively turned on by Tamara doing that, and seriously, who wouldn’t be. It’s pretty awesome. He decides that he really likes Tamara. It’s a good thing that she’s going to be staying and helping the three of them with their task of taking down the society.

I love Tamara. From the very first, we see how strong she is, how loyal she is, and how far she is willing to go to protect those whom she loves. She is ferocious, and when it comes to being all lawyer-ish, she will take you down. But, she’s also incredibly loving. With all the people she loves or cares for, she takes care of them and does what she can to make sure that they feel good.

I also love William. There are a lot of reasons for it, but one of them is that there is a dearth of heroes (or anti-heroes) who are autistic, and yet, autism is becoming more and more prevalent. It’s really nice to see a man who is autistic falling in love, dealing with his world, and figuring out what he wants to do after being trapped. His autism may not look like the autism that someone you love has, but no one person has every single aspect of autism. Everyone is different. I love William’s bluntness. I can relate to anyone in the book who gets embarrassed by what he says when he says it. But, I still like it.

I can’t wait for the next book. The way that this one sets up the next book is going to be fantastic. I’m really excited for it.


OMG, the chase scene. The hottest thing evah. I mean, damn. That was soooo everything.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one today. Go check out the whole series. Happy reading!

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