Snowstorm A’Coming

So, like a lot of the Northeast, my corner of Maine is going to get hit by this snowstorm. It’s supposed to move in tonight and run through late Sunday night/early Monday morning. The snow is supposed to be fluffy, without a high moisture content, so shouldn’t be quite as heavy as it could be, but 12-18 inches of snow is still heavy. To add to that, we are supposed to have some nasty winds. I live in town, and we haven’t lost power for more than a couple of hours as of yet, but it’s always better to be prepared. I’ll be making sure that every possible device is charged up.

I’ll be working through today and into tomorrow to make sure that the blogs for the next few days are written, scheduled, and ready to go, so even if we lose power, you guys shouldn’t see any disruption. Otherwise, I’m going to be sitting in my warm jammies and fluffy snacks, reading and drinking peppermint hot chocolate with a twist. I’ll be breaking in my new Kindle that will be here sometime today. I’m pretty jazzed for that.

So, stay warm, stay safe, and happy reading!


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