Yearly Wrap Up-Top Ten Important Books pt. 2

Here we are with the second part of the first of my 2018 wrap up posts. As a reminder, the importance of these books is personal. They are also in no particular order, because that would take more work than I really want to do. I mean, I would have to come up with all kinds of criteria and a rubric and all that. See what I mean about a lot of work?

Valarie Kinney-Knowing Series

Yeah, here’s another series on my important books list. But what makes these books important to me this year is that I participated in Foster An Author for the first time, and Valarie was my author. She was a new to me author, which I love finding new to me authors, and blogging has been great for that. I promo’ed all her books, but I reviewed the Knowing books for the blog, and really enjoyed them. Which reminds me, the next book in the series just came out, so I need to go grab it to read it.

Anthology-Just Breathe

This anthology was a bunch of short stories by some fantastically talented authors, all focusing on a particular aspect of mental health or a particular mental illness. Some of the stories made me cry and some made me think. All of them were worth reading. Unfortunately, I think the book has been taken down from Amazon, which would mean that the rights have reverted to authors, which could possibly mean that we could see the stories published on their own. Out of all of the stories, the one that still gets to me is the first one, which deals with the sister of a school shooter and her experiences after her brother went and shot out their school. It was sad, it was tragic, it was uncomfortable, and it was so good. A lot of mental illnesses don’t get talked about and there is a huge stigma surrounding them, so books like this are important. Anything that brings more notice to mental illness and mental health is totally important. (review)

R. Lee Smith-The Last Hour of Gann

This is the of the R. Lee Smith books I’ve read, and so far the only one, thanks massive TBR. I have to put aside a lot of time for her books because they are really long, and they take a long time to read, even for me. They are also pretty dense. Smith goes for the epic scifi kind of thing. However, even with as long as The Last Hour of Gann is, I wouldn’t have cut one single word out of it. There wasn’t anywhere to cut that wouldn’t have caused serious damage to the story if you ask me. This book looks at religion in an interesting way, and made me stop and think about religion too. Smith isn’t afraid to make her hero and heroine completely and totally dislikable. She’s also not afraid to go there when it comes to alien sex. I will be reading more of her books. Maybe I’ll clear the blog for an entire week and just go to. (review)

Carian Cole-No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow is another book about drug use and mental health. It’s a marvelous book, very sad, very happy, very beautiful, and very ugly all at once. The fmc and mmc share a connection that spans years, and is unbreakable, no matter what. There’s so much that they go through separately and together. It really is an entire story that looks at love and all the ways that love can look like and what you owe yourself and your partner when it comes to mental illness. It got into my soul and really left me with a book hangover for days. (review)

OK, so my Top Ten is really Top Nine, but since I tossed a couple of series in there, I figure it evens out, especially since Kit Rocha’s Beyond series has something like 15 or so books. It works out. Stay tuned to see what other lists show up. Tomorrow is going to be Ava Sinclair’s newest book. Happy Friday!


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