Allysa Hart-Paris Heat

Allysa Hart has brought us a nice new story that takes place in Paris, obvs. Ally writes lighter and cleaner than many of the other authors that I feature here, but I like that. Ally’s books are a welcome break for when I am just over darked out or I just need something sweet and light to read. It’s like a palette cleaner for my mind, like pickled ginger, which I totally love, BTW. So, I loved reading Paris Heat.

So, here’s the story. Adele is a law enforcement officer who is about to go undercover to take down a notorious gangster. She’s leaving Nice to go to Paris to work as a maid in his house.

Meanwhile, in the US, Cole Porter is a criminal, a member of The Family, if you know what I mean. His uncle has started a war with Giorgio, and Cole’s beautiful little cousin has just paid the ultimate price.

Three years later, Adele is still trying to get all the evidence she needs in order to take Giorgio down. Her handler, Pierce, keeps urging her to do things that aren’t all that safe, but she tells him that she is just about ready. Cole is following her because he’s taken down everyone who was involved in killing his cousin except for Giorgio. He wants to use Adele to get into the house so that he can kill Giorgio. But, you know, the best laid plans and all that.

I like Adele. I can only shudder to think what kind of uniform G required. We know that it involved garters and stilettos, so I’m guessing it’s the whole French maid kind of thing. Giorgio is a pig and his friends aren’t much better, as we can see in a couple of places. Cole is kind of a stubborn ass sometimes, like when he’s talking to his dad. Of course, if he had completely listened to his father, we wouldn’t have this story, now would we? And just because the story is relatively clean doesn’t mean that there isn’t spanking, because, well, of course there is. Ally likes spanking, just ask her, she’ll tell you. LOL. She’s probably rolling her eyes at me now.

Anyway, like I said, this is a lovely, sweet story to read. Not so sweet that it sends you into a diabetic coma, but just the right combo of sass, kink, sweet, light, and spanking. I would love to see more about Cole and Adele. And I don’t know if the names were meant to both be singers, but there they are.

eiffel tower

I never trusted Pierce at all. And it was even worse after he ignored the panic alert that Adele sent out. Scumbag.

And Cole was a bit of a jerk in drugging Adele and gaslighting her a bit about that. But, he can’t just come out and say yeah, I’m the one who drugged you.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Go check this one out. Happy reading!

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