FAA 2018: Valarie Kinney-Just Hold On

As the last day I’m doing Foster an Author this year, I am doing a giveaway for In the Presence of Knowing over on my FB page. It’s running until 8 pm EDT 10/29, so go check it out!

Valarie Savage Kinney ~ Just Hold On Cover

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JLUHRD8/


A Heartbreaking Struggle…


Two strangers are thrown together through insurmountable tragedy.


Since his family disintegrated a decade ago, Jake has kept his heart safely ensconced within the protective walls he’s erected. Determined to live out his life alone and free of the burden of love,Jake’s world is turned upside down when the grief of a woman he hardly knows calls him to step out of his comfort zone. Once Marnie enters the picture, he tries not to notice how broken, how pitiful…and how beautiful she is. Jake is torn between doing the right thing for himself….and doing the right thing.


Devastated by loss after loss, Marnie is left a shell of her former self. After losing her home in a fire and numbed by yet another heartbreaking tragedy, she is unable to communicate or even function on her own. Marnie finds she must place her trust in a quirky stranger and his three-legged dog. Desperate to reach out to the only stability in her life – Jake – but paralyzed by pain, she struggles to pick up the shattered pieces of hope. Marnie wonders if she will ever learn to live – or love – again.


One year. One apartment. Two strangers, each wrapped in their own personal turmoil.


Can Jake and Marnie overcome the obstacles before them and find love despite the odds?

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