FAA 2018: Valarie Kinney-Slither

Valarie Savage Kinney ~ Slither New Cover

Amazon Link:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07D64GP4R/


Zari Delaney has secrets… the hissing variety. Once she ran away from her family of snake-god worshipers, Zari fought to build a new life. A normal life. A beautiful old farmhouse, an enjoyable job sewing and selling quilts, and a husband so sweet she can’t believe her luck, lulls her into thinking she can forget the venom of her lineage. But no amount of good fortune can mask the nightmares, the tremors, or the freak storm wreaking havoc on her peaceful existence.


The terrible truth has made itself known: Slither is coming for her. When she refuses to bow to the snake god’s demands, she’s left with the impossible choice to sacrifice either her husband or her unborn child. Trapped within the coils of a dark family secret, Zari must find a way to destroy Slither or risk losing the ones she loves the most.


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