FAA2018: Valarie Kinney-When Knowing Comes

While today is technically the last day of Foster an Author 2018, I’m going to give you some more posts through the weekend, because why the fuck not. I’m giving that way. Today, we’re going to talk about When Knowing Comes, which is the 2nd book of the Windy Springs series that Valarie wrote.

We’re back to Keisha, Rogan, and baby Evie. The newest season of the Ren Faire at Windy Springs is just about to start. Keisha and Evie are sitting outside while Rogan is talking to Captain Dash because Cordelia, the wicked witch of the woods, has been getting worse, and causing even more problems than before. Meanwhile, in their private life, Rogan and Keisha are keeping a close eye on Evie because she has tracheomalacia. This is a condition that basically causes a floppy trachea, which isn’t a huge problem most of the time, but when she gets sick, it can be a huge problem. She’s already gotten sick once and nearly died, so they are very careful.

The way that it’s going to work this season is that Rogan as Gibble the Troll and Keisha will work at the faire when it’s open on the weekends, but during the week, he’ll go home to work, and Keisha and Evie will stay in their tent, helping Layla make more wings.

Except, that’s not how it works out. Because of course it’s not. There are big changes in the works, and some serious sadness too. It’s not an easy road, by any means.

I’m not sure that I would call this a slow burn, since we already have the couple together and it’s already evident that they are in love. If anything, we get to find out more about Rogan’s past and we get to see a relationship deepen, which is always a good thing. We get to see more Captain Dash, who at least doesn’t steal any chili from Keisha this time. He really is a good guy who takes his responsibilities seriously and wants to make sure that everyone he sees as his is taken care off. He’s still half a bubble off true, but a nice guy who is incredibly loyal. Not as much of Layla in this one, but probably that’s because Keisha isn’t living with her this year.


OMFG. Diana is a horrid bitch. I hate her. Maybe there’s a deep hole that she can fall into. A very, very deep hole. With a big rock that they can push over the top of the hole so she can’t ever get out.

Cordelia dead is maybe even worse than Cordelia alive. Is that even possible? Well, I think so, so there.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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