FAA2018: Valarie Kinney-Heckled

Valarie Savage Kinney - Heckled Cover

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ADXRSCQ/


Drinking. Drugging. Cutting.


Exxel Jensen has spent his life finding ways to rid himself of the Heckler, and failed miserably. On the surface, his future is bright: a beautiful wife, a child on the way, and a career he loves as a stand up comedian.


Beneath the surface lurks the darkness: crippling depression, anxiety, and alcoholism.


Helena Jensen has seen her husband spiral downward before and feels helpless to stop it as she watches him falling again. She would do anything to help him, anything to diminish the pain that plagues him.


Exxel knows she would, and he also knows she can’t. Because the person fueling his depression and addictions is someone she can’t see.


And how can he explain the Heckler to anyone, when he doesn’t even understand it himself?


Hot chocolate or coffee?

Hot chocolate. I hate coffee. The smell. The taste. *shudders*

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

PANSTER. In writing and in life. I’m not a real linear thinker and I have ADHD, so planning out very far in advance doesn’t work well for me. I’m more like the Kool-aid Man. Just bust through a wall and see what happens.

Do you use pix to help you figure out what your characters and locations look like?

No. I’m very visual, so I “see” the characters and locations clearly in my mind from the get-go. I’ve made a few Pinterest boards with pictures that I think are close, so readers can imagine them the way I see them. But for myself, the stories play like a movie in my mind beginning to end, and it’s all very real and clear.

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