FAA2018: Valarie Kinney-Lightning Crashes and Golden Ashes

Valarie Savage Kinney - Lightning Crashes and Golden Ashes Cover

Amazon Link ~ mybook.to/LightningCrashesVSK

Goodreads Link ~ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41075791-lightning-crashes-and-golden-ashes



The Dealanach Anáil were being hunted.
The ancient race of giants with a talent for breathing golden lightning are being slaughtered throughout Scotland. Aurelius had hoped his infant daughter would not inherit his superhuman traits, but in this regard he was disappointed. There is no safe place to hide her in 18th century Scotland, so Aurelius takes his child to the only place he knows the hunters will not find her: hundreds of years in the future, to America.
Copper has grown into an angry young woman. Once she comes into her powers, she unleashes a torrent of fury on innocents. In her wake lies a trail of death, covered in golden ashes.
When the father who abandoned her returns – along with a sister she never knew existed- sparks fly.
But their personal feuds must be set aside when they realize the terrible truth: once again, the hunters have found them.


What is your favorite color?

Green. Preferably olive. Because that is the best color.

What is your favorite genre to read?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite genre. I read about any genre, as long as it’s a story I can fall into. I prefer characters with flaws, pain, real feelings. I like raw stories I can relate to. If a book has characters like this, I’ll probably love it regardless of genre. Also, here’s an unpopular opinion: I hate genre standards.

Would you rather give up watching television or chocolate?

Television. Actually, I haven’t watched television in about six months. I went through a very difficult period following my brother’s death last October, and I was struggling with extra noise of any kind – sort of a sensory overload, I guess. I couldn’t listen to music (which nearly killed me), could barely tolerate social media in brief stints, and had to cut television completely out. I’m doing much better now, but find I’m a happier person without TV. It gives me more time to be creative and learn new things, so I think for now, I’ll keep the tube off.

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