FAA2018-Valarie Kinney-In the Presence of Knowing

Check back later today to get my review of In the Presence of Knowing! And don’t forget to go all the way down for some more interview questions from Valarie!

Valarie Savage Kinney - In the Prescence of Knowing Cover

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XKPWTSW


Keisha is pregnant and on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend. Hiding out at Windy Springs Renaissance Festival, she discovers a world of magic.

Stepping into new and unfamiliar territory, she finds herself among people different from any she’s met before. Though she feels she’ll never fit in, Keisha finds hope when she meets Rogan, who plays the troll. As friendship blossoms into romance, she soon discovers that Rogan, as well as others at Windy Springs, have abilities beyond the average individual – abilities that the child growing within her shares as well. When danger comes to Windy Springs, she’ll need the combined powers of Rogan and his friends to keep her and the baby safe.

In the Presence of Knowing is the first book in the Secrets of Windy Springs series. Grab your copy today and find out what mysteries await within the magical forest at Windy Springs.


If you could go out on a date with anyone, living, dead, or imaginary, who would it be?

If I’m in a universe where I don’t have a husband, and could go out with anyone, my first choice would very likely be Captain Jack Sparrow. Tying for a close second would be (in no particular order): Hugh Laurie, Loki, Billie Joe Armstrong, Black Jack Randall, Tim Burton, Sherlock Holmes, or Craig Ferguson.

Chicken or fish?


Do you drink while you are editing?

Editing is exhausting no doubt, but I’m not a big drinker. I’m currently trying to quit caffeine, so with previous books I’d be hitting the Mountain Dew like the addict I am, but this next one will hopefully just be water. Probably just water. Sigh. Water has no caffeine, and it’s sad.

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