Vanessa Vale-Montana Wild

This is the 2nd or 3rd Vanessa Vale book I’ve read, but only the first one I’ve blogged about. This is a rather sweet and light romance with a touch of funny and more than a touch of meddling sex shop owner. Montana Wild is the 4th of the Small Town Romance books that all take place around Bozeman, Montana. I haven’t read the other three, and while there are recurring characters, like Goldie and George the Gnome, I didn’t feel like I was lost or anything. The book was complete in and of itself, so no worries there.

Violet is a 1st grade teacher. Now that school’s out for the summer, she’s subbing for her twin sister at Goldilocks, Bozeman’s best sex shop. OK, Bozeman’s ONLY sex shop. She has to deal with Goldie, who, while a lovely woman, is nosy and pushy. And among other things, she has pushed Violet into writing word porn, or as we might call it, a smutty novel. Yay for smutty novels! But Violet is sort of maybe ashamed and embarrassed about it, but Goldie isn’t. So Goldie’s getting a cover made for it.

One day, the phone rings at Goldilocks, and it turns out to be Mike. Mike the podiatrist. Mike who was so close to Violet when they were younger. She and Mike lost their virginity together, then he left and didn’t come back for 10 years. Violet was pretty sure that showed her exactly where her place in Mike’s life was, and she’s been hurt and maybe just a little bit bitter about it ever since. But now, Mike needs her. Or rather, her twin sister, who is off on a road trip with her new man. So, Violet it is. You see, Mike is in Alaska at a family reunion at his uncle’s house, along with his mother and father, some cousins and their kids, and a pair of identical male twins who only speak French. And there is a crazy next neighbor who is recently divorced and who is just positive that she is Mike’s soulmate. So Mike needs a girlfriend, and Violet fits the description, namely female and available. Only when she gets to Alaska, she finds out that she’s not just his girlfriend, she’s now his fiancee, complete with a hideously ugly ring.

I both felt sorry for Mike and Violet and laughed at some of the things that happened. It seemed like everything that just started to spiral out of control. They were being pushed together but they were having their own issues that kept pushing them apart. Violet had a hard time letting go old hurt but Mike wasn’t really helping all that much either. All in all, I really enjoyed this one, and it was a nice light change of pace.


Who knew that the way to a woman’s heart was going fishing for salmon?

Mike should’ve stopped and thought about how his actions would’ve hurt Violet a long time before he actually did.

I would probably strangle a whole lot of people were I Mike and Violet. I get why they did what they did, but seriously, that’s almost mean.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one! Go check it and the rest of the series out. Happy reading!

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