Golden Angel-Mated on Hades

Golden Angel, who I’ve featured here before, has joined several other authors who have written in the Celestial Mates world. The way that this world works is that the authors are given the premise that the Celestial Mates Agency is going to put the perfect mates together. Outside of that, it seems like just about anything goes. I’ve read several of the books, and the way that it happens is different, depending on which author you are getting. Sometimes, like in Golden’s book, you get two beings who sign up for a mate. Other times, you get a traveling cupid who pops a human into an alien world to find her mate. The one thing that you do know you are going to get is a loving relationship and hot sex. And in Mated on Hades, you get some seriously hot sex. As in the fact that Tarrik heats up during sex.

So, here’s the story. The people of Hades have a really cool thing that happens to them. When the males mate with alien females, their kids have the traits of their fathers, as well as some traits from their mothers, and those added traits carry through. So, Tarrik has horns and wings, but from his mother, who is pretty fucking awesome on her own, he has a tentacle tail. An awesome tentacle tail.

Jules is a white hat hacker. She goes in and steals from the rich and gives to the poor. When she finds out that one of the groups that she’s been hacking has hired the Representative to come get her, she decides that she needs to get the fuck off Earth for a little while. So, she’ll sign up with Celestial Mates and get married off planet.

With the Representative, I went back and forth between thinking of him as Agent Smith from Matrix and the Operative from Serenity. Why yes, I do like science fiction, thank you very much. It was just the idea of this unstoppable unnamed agent coming after you made me think of those guys.

On Hades, Tarrik has just gotten home from his latest shipping run for his family’s business. His parents have told them that he will need to find a mate and take over the planetside part of the business, because his parents want to retire and travel. He tells them that he will fill out the forms for Celestial Mates and when he gets matched, he’ll settle down. But since he loves traveling and really doesn’t want to settle down, he lies through his teeth on the form, figuring that they will send him someone he doesn’t match with and he can send her back.

Only, instead, he gets Juliette, aka Jules. They get off to the wrong foot because he disparages humans as useless before he even knows her name. Then he basically accuses her of lying to him about the fact that she helped with the computers on the way out, and then, he was just kind of a dick. A dick to have hot and angry sex with.

Golden writes a lot of funny into her books, see Big Bad Bunnies. But she put a lot of that into this one too. There were a lot of places where I just wanted to laugh because of the tone of the book or the way that she words something, like when Jules tells Tarrik to shut up and do something useful with his mouth. That was simply delightful. I love the two of them as a couple. I love Mrik, and I’m really hoping that he will get a book soon. And then there’s Sirilla, Tarrik’s mom. She’s so sweet. She must be about the most patient person in the world to put up with Tarrik. I would love to see her and Tobik in a story sometimes. (Hint, hint)


I love the fact that Jules snuck onto Tarrik’s ship and not only fixed the problem but made the ship better. It really showed him and he deserved to get kicked in the head like that.

I love how their relationship grows slowly but surely, despite what each of them is thinking that they want. It’s a great thing.

That’s all I have to say today. Don’t forget to check it out! Happy reading!

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