Natalie Bennett-King of Hearts

This is the second book in Natalie’s Old Money Roulette series. It’s dark, mysterious, and left me with so many more questions that I had going in. I mean, wow.

So, let’s talk about King of Hearts, shall we? Before I get into it, there’s a good chance that there are going to be spoilers for Queen of Diamonds. I don’t mean to leave them, but it is likely to happen. It’s the nature of the beast when you get book series that are set up the way that the Old Money Roulette books are. So, if you haven’t read QoD and it’s on your TBR, you may want to reconsider looking at this blog until you have read it. I will say that KoH is a big mindfuck. I mean, most things that Natalie writes end up fucking with your brain in some way or other. But this is a big one. It’s dark and there isn’t really a glimmer of light going on. So be aware of that.


Ok, let’s get into it.

Elena is still trying to figure out what happened to her twin sister, Eva. Mateo has offered her a deal and told her that she needs to play this game and follow through to get the answers that she’s looking for. He hands her a box with the Queen of Hearts in it. The problem is that he hasn’t really told her what the game is, what the rules are, or what she’s supposed to do. All she knows is that for any answer that she may get, there are a thousand more that pop up, so she really isn’t getting one.

Meanwhile, Mateo is being Mateo and is planning and scheming in the background. He wants to corrupt his Angel and turn her into a queenpin. To do that, he’s going to have to drag her down into his world and into his life. That means that he’s going to make her do things that she might not want to do. Well, she definitely won’t want to do, but she’s going to have to do them anyhow.

Elena is left floundering. She has Mateo’s book and sends it to her friend Peyton to try and figure out what it is. She’s also still planning on trying to use Mateo so that she can get information.

There are so many things going on and not one thing really answered any questions that Elena or I may have. In fact, my list of questions grew longer and I know have sub-questions for most of those questions. This is a huge mindfuck and I’m pretty sure that Elena knows why less than I do. Mateo, though, he knows everything and then some. He’s purposely fucking with Elena. Yeah, he may be telling her that he will help her figure out what’s going on, but the way that he does it is making her do some kind of scavenger hunt that makes her find out information the way that Mateo wants her to and only when he wants her to, and he’s not going to answer any of the questions that she has.  I so can’t fucking wait for the next one, Ace of Spades. I find that to be menacing, since that’s often called the death card, so I can’t wait to see what Natalie is going to do.


I still don’t trust Elena’s friends. I’m sure that Peyton and Mel are into this thing way up to their eyebrows and that they are only doing what Mateo wants them to do. I hope I’m wrong there, but I’m not sure that I am.

As for Eva, I don’t know what’s going on with her. There seems to be so many different things that Mateo says, so I don’t know if what he says is true or not or what ends up happening is real. I think it would be another mindfuck of Natalie and Mateo if it isn’t true.

I want to strangle Mateo a good deal of the time. I’m pretty sure Elena does too. I think that she sometimes has the too stupid to live syndrome. She isn’t really acting, she’s only reacting to what Mateo is doing. She’s going to have to get out ahead of him to figure out things. She needs to make things happen instead of just following what Mateo is making happen.

The next one comes out the end of the month, so not a long wait, thank goodness. Go check out the whole series, and let Natalie fuck your brain for the weekend. Happy reading!

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