Felicity Brandon-The Viking’s Possession

I may or may not have a thing for Vikings. It couldn’t be because I’m married to a Viking or anything. LOL. So, that means that I just have to read Felicity Brandon’s Viking books, right? It’s a tough job, but I guess I can force myself to do it. I’ll sacrifice myself for the greater good. Not that it’s a huge sacrifice. I mean, who doesn’t want to fantasize about some huge Viking dude who looks just like Alexander Sarsgaard? I fell in love with Aurelie and Anders back when we first met them, so finding out that Felicity was writing a sequel to it called The Viking’s Possession, I was all like yes, please!

We’re back with Aurelie and Anders, who are now on the way to his home in the north. It’s been a long journey, full of horses and longboats, and more and more hours of riding, but they are finally almost there. Anders is thrilled to be home because who isn’t thrilled to come home after a long journey. Aurelie is thrilled to be with Anders, but nervous about going to his home. It’s someplace all new to her, she doesn’t know the language, and she isn’t sure how Anders’ father is going to treat her or how any of the people are going to treat her. She’s also somewhat homesick. It’s not that she actually wants to be home at Donrose, but she misses it and her family, even if her brother did want to kill Anders. It’s complicated.

Then they reach Anders’ home in Lundborg and meet his father the king. The first thing that Anders does is ask his father for permission to marry Aurelie. He loves her so much and he wants her to be his wife and the mother of his children. King Daddy is thrilled by that. He’s charmed with Aurelie and is happy to have a new daughter.

But not everything is peachy keen and neato. Magnus the Strong, who has already been overly familiar with Aurelie and has been punished once by Anders, is back. And now he’s been making threats against her life. He was supposed to be off in the south, but he came back way before he was supposed to, and he ended up being banished. Aurelie was supposed to stay in her and Anders’ room for that, but she just wanted to hear him being banished, and accidentally ran into Magnus, who called her a whore, once again.

I love Aurelie. She’s smart, wise, compassionate, and fierce. Those things are all good. She’s also impetuous and doesn’t always think through what she’s going to do, which is less good. It means that she gets in trouble on occasion, on lots of occasions, more like. But hey, those are pretty exciting. She likes them, Anders likes to give them, and I like to read about them. It’s a win/win/win. The story is great and I love reading it. Sometimes I get mad at the heroes because they can be a little heavyhanded and don’t always listen to the heroines, but I didn’t get mad at Anders at all during this one, so good job Anders. It looks like the book may have a set up for a sequel, and I really hope so, because I love these guys.


I can’t wait to find out what’s going on with Eustace. I mean, did he just decide to randomly raid the Vikings so that he could get his sister back? I would think that Aurelie made it pretty damn obvious that she was happy with Anders.

I cried when the King died. He had been so good to Aurelie and was so sweet. I would’ve loved to see him more. Oh well. Beggers can’t be choosers, I guess.

I never liked Magnus at all, so I wasn’t surprised to see him being a dick in this one. I’m pretty sure that’s his default setting.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check out both of Felicity’s Viking books! Happy reading!

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