Golden Angel-Arabella’s Taming

For some odd reason, every time I thought about this book, I wanted to called it Taming Arabella, which means that I had to check to make sure that I had it right about 14 times. I wouldn’t want to send out the wrong title. So, as of right now, it’s all present and correct. LOL.

Anyway, back to Arabella’s Taming. Golden Angel writes all kinds of stuff from dark, under her other pen name, Dark Angel, to funny and sexy, like her Big Bad Bunnies series. OMG, if you haven’t read that, then you really need to go read those books, because they are really so funny and hot. She’s also written a series of historical domestic disciplines called the Bridal Discipline books. The books are all interconnected and feature a group of friends and relatives who all end up married to each other, in some way or other. They include 2 sets of brothers, close female friends, a step-mother and her step-daughter. It all works out. Arabella is the last one of the group to get married, and the last book in the series.

Arabella has fallen in love with Thomas, whose brother is married to her good friend Gabrielle and who is good friends with her brothers Benedict and Issac. Issac has been trying to get Thomas, who is looking for a bride by the end of the London Season, to marry Arabella, but Thomas has a list of traits that he wants his bride to meet, and high-spirited, outspoken, bold, brash, and occasionally impetuous Arabella does not meet with his criteria. While yes, she’s attractive, intelligent, and able to manage his household and hostess duties, he sees all her faults and they overwhelm everything. He doesn’t want a wife he has to tame, he wants a sweet, biddable, already tamed woman as a wife. Thomas wants to come home to a nice roaring fire in the fireplace, not a bonfire outside.

Arabella has a habit of listening at keyholes because she would never know anything in any other way. Sadly, this was one of the times she decided to listen to the keyhole and she got to listen to the man she loves run her down and tell her brothers how unsuitable she is. Even worse, this Season she’s tried so very hard to be good, just so that Thomas could see how well she would suit as his bride. What she heard destroyed her and broke her heart, and made her decide that she would just be who she was and hang what Thomas thought. He didn’t want her? Fine, she didn’t want him either.

This leads to one of the biggest rakes of London, the Marquess of Hartford, to come ask her brother Issac if he could court Arabella and her agreeing to it. Arabella has decided that she no longer wants a love marriage, and marrying Hartford would be a lot of fun at least. But… is that what she really wants?

OK, I pretty much loved Arabella. She lives out loud. She enjoys herself when she can, supports and protects her friends, and is fierce and loving. She’s also a weeeeee bit impetuous and doesn’t always think ahead. As the sister of a Duke, she’s been somewhat protected by her behaviors, since no one is going to really censure her. She has also learned how to be a little manipulative and since she’s the baby of the family, she’s been relatively spoiled and no one has really reined her in. All in all, she’s an amazing character and one that I greatly liked and enjoyed reading about. Thomas is a good man, and for part of the book, I was pretty sure that was all I would be able to say about him. But, I knew that there had to be more to him than that because Golden wouldn’t do that. And he is a good man, but he has hidden depths that turned him into a truly delightful character.


Alright, overall, Thomas was delightful, but he really had a learning curve to deal with. It seemed to me like he wasn’t always as realistic about Arabella as he should’ve been. After their wedding, I’m not sure why he wouldn’t think that she wouldn’t want to continue to go out galloping in the morning, since it was something that she’s done the whole time she was in London, excepting for when she was planning a huge Society wedding in a week. I totally supported Arabella in this one, because he was way in the wrong. However, I also agree with part of what Thomas said.

I do like that Thomas has his own lessons to learn, like when they are leaving London and he keeps arguing with Arabella about riding the day after she’s been punished. His dad had to school him there, and then Arabella did too, when they got to where they were going.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Go check out all of Golden Angel’s Bridal Discipline books if you like historical romance. Happy reading!

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