Emily Tilton-Theirs to Use

Back when I was looking around on Amazon for kinky dark-ish books, I think Emily Tilton’s books were some of the first ones I ran across. I’ve since worked my way through the majority of them, both by buying them and on KU. I can’t ever wait to read the next one, because I’m always in love with her worlds. Her books tend to be set in dystopian worlds of one sort or another. Some of them are scifi and take place on other worlds, some aren’t. Theirs to Use is one of the latter.

In Emily’s books, the heroines tend to be right around 18-22, with little to no sexual experience. They are also generally rather sheltered. Emily tends to emphasize shame in these girls. Shame that they are doing the things that they are doing and the things that their bodies want. Modesty is generally emphasized, especially with the books around the Institute and its particular world. Her heroines walk a real fine line between being ashamed by the degrading things that they are being told to do and the love of the way that the things make them feel. It’s a really interesting dichotomy, and I love how she does it.

Part of the way that Emily uses language fits into that too. Normally, in anything involving sex, you don’t see words like penis, vagina, and anus used a lot. But, in Emily’s books, you do. The clinical language wouldn’t fit in with a lot of other author’s books, but it works really well in Emily’s work. There’s just something so hot about a guy telling his virgin bed girl that he’s now going to put his penis in her vagina because he wants to feel good. It sounds like it shouldn’t work. It sounds like it should be stilted, but it fits right into the whole forced shamed/modesty/degradation thing that Emily has going on.

In the world that this book is set in, the lenders are predatory. When Karen signs her contract for her loan, she doesn’t really pay attention to the small print. If she misses 3 payments, not three payments in a row, just three payments, she will end up in jail, and that’s exactly what happens. The particular jail that Karen ends up in has a wing that special young ladies are put in, the fuck wing. Men can come in and rent the girls for 30 minutes at a time. The girls often get spanked with paddles when they misbehave and when they don’t want to have sex with the guys and even if the guys just want to. It hasn’t happened to Karen yet, but she figures that it will soon enough. So, when two guys walk into her cell, she’s pretty sure that she knows what’s going to happen.

Joe and Pete are there on a mission. They are there on behalf of their employer, Mr. Green. They are supposed to find 3 girls that their boss and his 9 partners can buy as their own personal sex slave. Karen is one of the girls that they chose. When Green and one of his partners, Singleton, show up at the prison, they evaluate the 3 girls, but Karen is the one who they choose.

OK. This book is marked as a reverse harem, and I suppose that it could be marked that way, by a loose definition, since there are 10 guys who own her now. But, a RH generally has a relationship between each of the guys and the woman. That doesn’t particularly happen in this book, where we get a gangbang instead. It may be because of Karen’s actions, but I’m not sure that changed anything that would have happened, really. I’m not going to complain about it, since it’s a nitpicky thing, and I liked the book, so it worked out well. One way or the other, it’s a great story and one that I will definitely reread.


I really hated Green, so I was glad to know that he was going to be out of the picture, at least most of the time. I thought that he was a real dickbag. So, there’s that. I think some of the other guys seemed OK, but we really didn’t get to see enough of them to really know them.

Anyhow, that’s all I have to say about this one. I deeply recommend that you get all of her books. Many of them are on KU. Happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Emily Tilton-Theirs to Use”

  1. Oooh thanks for reviewing this one. I saw it on Amazon and was a bit unsure how it was going to pan out. I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding of what a reverse harem actually IS (because it’s such a new thing in western literature and everyone’s sorta jumped on it… I have a couple of them coming out soon so that’s not a criticism; I’m super-excited that this whole poly relationship storytelling type has gotten so big), but to my mind, the focus in a romance RH should definitely be on the relationship, usually with a slower burn, and that’s what I love about harems AND reverse harems in the Japanese animes that I adore (I really love harem anime, because so many hot girls ❤ ❤ and often with a master/slave dynamic, so OMG YES). Also, FYI, I got your last email but my emails aren't sending to anyone at the moment, I am getting "delivery failure notification" when I hit "send" so I can't reply… arrgh.

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    1. Oh, that would be so incredibly annoying! I hate when my email has problems.

      Yeah, it’s really interesting watching the whole RH thing coming out. I expect there are going to be some people who jump on it who just put the genre on it. But it is really nice to see all the poly going on.

      I just read a really good M/s dark, noncon RH called Stolen. It’s the first book in the Saving Setora series. It was OMG.

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      1. Ooh that sounds interesting. Who’s it by? Am currently jumping around so much with books, I’m being so mean to my TBR because I keep changing what I’m reading. Nothing is being read in the order in which I planned to read it at all, and I have about seven books on the go and am close to finishing none of them. D’oh.

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