Zoe Blake-Dark Deception

As you can tell if you’ve read my blog a lot, Zoe Blake is one of my favorite authors. She writes dark and she writes kinky, which are two of my favorite things. I like following a good tour guide into the darkness of their brains and seeing what they have to show me. This time, Zoe has decided to show us Dark Deception.

Dark Deception is one of those books that when I picked it up to read it, I had to keep reading it. There wasn’t any way of putting it down and walking away from it for awhile. I stayed up way too late at night reading it. But, that’s not a bad thing, is it? Good books are better than sleep, at least that’s what I told myself when I woke up the next morning after too little sleep.

Mirage is an extraordinary thief. She goes in and steals jewels and information as if she were a ghost and can walk through walls. She lives up to her chosen name, and disappears right before your eyes. Mirage has spent her life working for The Syndicate and stealing what they want her to steal. However, the score she’s working on right now is a personal one. She’s spent months very carefully choreographing the downfall of one man. She’s made it look like he’s betrayed their bosses. Now that she’s destroyed his reputation, she’s ready the next and final step in her plan. She’s going to kill him, sneak right into his house like the mirage that he is and blow his brains out. He killed Mira’s lover, and she wants her vengeance.

Paine has earned his name well too. He is The Syndicate’s cleaner and extraction specialist. If there’s a problem, they send him out to either make it stop being a problem or get their operative out. He’s also a hacker and a thief. He’s like the 7-11 of crime, the one-stop shop, if you need it, he can do it for you. All he knows right now is that someone has set him up, but he doesn’t know who or what. He’s just waiting for someone to show up so he can take care of it. He didn’t expect it to be Mirage.

Mirage and Paine have a short, explosive history together. When she got stuck in Turkey on a job, he was sent in to get her out. He saw her and knew that she was his. They had that one night together, and when he went out to get breakfast, she left. See, mirage.

OK, you know what time it is. I’m going to just go plow on. Mira nd Paine turn it up to 11 when it comes to hot, dirty, and sexy. This is the kind of book which can melt your Kindle if you aren’t real careful with it. I suggest that you make sure that it has adequate air flow around it so that you won’t have to worry about it getting too hot to touch. I love how they each recognize, respect, and admire the other’s strengths. I mean, they are both at the top of their game, and when they team up they totally top that game. That connection and respect is part of what makes them such a compelling couple. I mean, I just connected with them so much, I was sad when the book ended because I wanted to read more of their adventures. They are very, very awesome. Definitely go check this one out. You won’t regret it.



The first big scene after Mira breaks into Paine’s house was just so hot. I loved every filthy word of it. I mean, just fabulous. The one thing I want to know though, is how did she manage to leave? Maybe Mira can walk through walls. She is awfully tricksy though, and a very careful planner, so of course she would have figured out lots of ways in and out. Maybe she found one that even Paine didn’t know about?

I love how everything works in this story though. They become a real partnership, no matter whatever else goes on. They do work well together, which is good, considering who they are and what they can do. I would pretty much put them up against any other pair out there, in whatever capacity they need.

OK, that’s all for today. If I go any further, I will end up totally spoiling something, and none of us want that to happen. Lots of exciting books in my schedule, so keep your eyes peeled. Meanwhile, happy reading!

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