May Archer-The Long Way

Who’s ready for some hot guy on guy action? Because May Archer has brought us another installment in her new M/M series, and I think these guys are even hotter than the first couple. In fact, Damon and Cain are my favorite couple since they have to go through so much to get to their HEA.

So, today we’re talking about The Long Way. This a direct sequel to The Easy Way. Damon is Cort’s older brother and Cain is Cam’s friend. Their fathers founded Seaver Tech together. Damon was the pilot of the plane that crashed and killed Cam’s parents, as well as a few others. Even though it wasn’t his fault, he was blamed, and Cam’s brother, Bas, vilified him in the media.

TLW opens up at a fundraiser for Cain’s father, Senator Shaw, conservative, bigot, and all around massive douchebag. Cain is there under orders from his parents, but he’s miserable. He hears a commotion and sees that it’s Damon. Damon is there to try to get Shaw to go down. He has a crazy idea of using social media and the Internet to get that to happen. Cain goes and gets security off of Damon’s back, or rather, off of Damon’s injured leg, and tells Damon how stupid his idea is. Damon takes a painkiller and gets really out of it, and kisses Cain. Cain takes Damon home since he’s way out of it, and stays to make sure that Damon is safe.

Damon is many years older than Cain, 40 to Cain’s almost 25. He keeps calling Cain Kid, which of course annoys Cain to no end. It would annoy the fuck out of me too. To get back at him, Cain calls him Big Daddy. Cain loses his temper, at which point he throws a spoon in the sink. Then he apologizes for losing his temper and his inappropriate behavior. Seriously, he thinks that is losing his temper and inappropriate behavior? That happens every day and twice on Sunday at my house. But, then again, I haven’t had my parents pushing me the way that Cain’s parents have his entire life. They are emotionally abusive to him. They have never accepted Cain, and it’s slowly killing him. He plays a game called Worse. When shit is bad, he looks at it and comes up with ways that it could always be worse. The problem is, there is always a way that it can be worse. Can you imagine having to live like that? Well, my leg is broken, but it would be worse if both my legs were broken.

Anyway, Cain tells Damon that he has an idea on how to get to his dad to justice. Cain has reasons for not coming forward with his knowledge that could take down his dad. Mostly the fact that his father is a bag of dicks and is blackmailing him.

OK, here’s where we are going to separate. There is a lot of very hot sex in this. Cain and Damon are so hot that we might have to throw buckets of water on them. Oh, wait, dripping wet Cain and Damon… Maybe we shouldn’t do that. I’ll leave it up to you. But, it’s hot sex. The relationship that they develop is strong and supports them both well. I really enjoyed this book, and am looking forward to reading the next one. I bet I know who the main characters are, but watch May do something completely different and make a liar out of me.


OMG, Cain playing with Damon’s niece melted my ovaries. It was such a sweet scene and it was so good for everyone. I really loved that scene.

I love how Damon didn’t back down from Shaw when he tried to blackmail Cain into letting go of Damon. He wasn’t going to walk away from his man and he wasn’t going to let Cain sacrifice himself either. Both Damon and Cain found their strength and their worth in each other. Having someone love you that much helps you realize that you are strong and you are worth loving. So, yay for that.

I don’t blame Cain for getting jealous of Damon’s buddy. I was jealous and I didn’t even know the guy. Dude may be a good guy, but he didn’t help the situation, and he knew it. He did it purposely. Jackoff. Nice jackoff, but still, jackoff.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this Russian thing is going to go. It looks like it will be interesting. Maybe we’ll see some hot Russian guys? I could support that.

OK, I’m stating it here, I think that it’s going to be Bas and Drew in the next one. There was way too much chemistry in there for it not to be them.

That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow for some Parker Sinclair. Meanwhile, happy reading!

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