Ker Dukey & K. Webster-Pretty Broken Dolls

So, yesterday I posted about Pretty Broken Dolls, the last book in the Pretty Little Dolls series. Today, you are going to get my review of it. And wow, what an amazing book it was. There’s also going to be a link for the giveaway, so make sure you don’t miss that.

Now, before I get started reviewing PBD, be aware that this is the absolute last book in the series, which means that there is a lot of history that has gone into it. I will be spoiling the previous three books, just by the fact that I am talking about the 4th. I will put spoilers for PBD behind a picture, as usual, so that you don’t have to worry about those. But, if you are interested in the previous 3, I have a quick synopsis here. If they sound like something you want to read, go read them and then come back. I’ll still be here. From this point, I’m going to assume that you’ve read them or you are perfectly OK with being spoiled. This is your absolute last chance. Just warning you.

OK, you have only yourself to blame at this point.

So, we know that Elizabeth is Benny’s half-sister, and she’s somewhat obsessed with him, which led to her dressing up as a doll and camming. When Benny saw her site, he believed she was Bethany, an older sister. There’s some serious dysfunction that happened with Benny and Bethany. But, when he saw Elizabeth, he decided that she was Bethany reborn. And trust me, the dysfunction is back in all kinds of creepy-ass ways.

At the end of Pretty New Dolls, after Bethany and Benny got together and made plans to run away, she went home to pack. Someone shows up at her house and takes her. That person turns out to be Lucy, from Tanner/Cassian/Viktor’s club. She is is obsessed with knives, blood, and Benny. She had been sending things to Bethany and Bethany thought that they were coming from Benny.

Quick reminder of Tanner/Cassian/Viktor. He is also known as the Master, just like Benny is the Monster. He owns a club called The Vault, where there is a lot of sex and human trafficking going on. He’s being investigated by Dillon Scott, Jade’s husband. There is also a young woman named Josey who wants to be a detective, so she pushes her way into things and ends up as Benny’s cop doll. Viktor is sexually fluid. He is really attracted to Benny and he likes women too. Benny is attracted to Viktor too, but he doesn’t show it. At least, not then.

So, Benny and Viktor go to try and rescue Bethany who has been taken by Lucy. Dillon is trying to rescue Elizabeth, who he thinks as been taken by Benny. They end up teaming up to save Bethany, which is all so very, very, very weird.

Here is the time to go our separate ways. I’m going to be getting into spoilers while I discuss things after the picture, because I have so many things to say. So. Many.

This book is of the very dark variety. There is blood and violence and there is sex, but it is also a good mind-fuck. The games are excellent. If you don’t like the deep dark end of the pool, avoid this one, truly.

Here’s the link for the giveaway, it runs for 5 more days. It’s $20, which is a bunch of books. Make sure to hit that up. It’s super easy peasy to do and you can’t win unless you try.



Now that it’s just you, me, and the wall, OMG! The ending, right? I mean, yeah, it’s an HEA, but not for everyone, lol. I didn’t see it coming but I love it completely. Just totally completely. It so works on so many levels.

It was nice to find out who Kami is and to get that look at Viktor’s past. It was an interesting and explains so much about Viktor.

I also liked where the Bethany/Viktor/Benny thing went. It worked for all of them. They are all bat-shit crazy and they found someone who matched their crazy really well and filled up all those empty crazy holes. Generally, you don’t think of the bad guys getting the HEA, but hey, in the world of K&K it happens. I’m really scared of what will happen in a new generation of the Terrible Trio. I wonder if that will ever show up.

I felt sorry for Bethany when she was on a locked ward. I mean, yeah, I get why they did it. She had some problems, and that’s what I would’ve done as her parent too, but, but, but… While she is a total pyschopath, at least she has partners who think that she is perfect and not broken. Of course, they are broken too, so there you go.

So, there’s my review of PBD. There is so much more that goes into it, but I don’t want to get too much into it, even in the spoiler section. However, if you want to talk to me about it, you know where to go!

I have some ARCs coming up in the next couple days, so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, happy reading!

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