May Archer-The Easy Way

May Archer is the nom de plume for Maisy Archer. She’s using May for when she writes her M/M romances. The Easy Way is the first of those books, and it is muy caliente. Maisy likes her boys, and it sure shows in this one. So, without any further ado, let’s get into Cort and Cam’s story.

Kendrick Cortland, just call me Cort, is an FBI agent. He’s been slightly rogue before, but now he’s going really off the reservation. He’s doing a personal investigation into Sebastian and Camden Seaver. Their parents died in a plane accident about a year ago, and the NTSB found the accident to be pilot error. There was a witness who said that he had been up drinking with the pilot the night before. The NTSB also said that the pilot was sloppy when it came to installing a part in the plane and that he didn’t pre-flight the plane correctly. Cort knows for a fact that the NTSB had to be wrong, because the pilot was his brother Damon, and he would never fly drunk or be sloppy. Now, Damon has come back from the dead and is sending Cort info that points to it being the Seavers who caused the plane crash.

Ever since Cam’s parents and his brother’s fiancee died in a plane crash, he’s had to take over the family company and all the responsibilities. His brother, Bas, has completely shut down, never answers the phone, never calls, and spends all his time looking into the crash. He doesn’t believe the NTSB’s findings and he wants someone to blame. Bas has taken to vilifying Damon in the press. Meanwhile, Cam is doing everything he can to deal with everything, but he has Drew, his ex and current head of legal, undercutting him and telling him that he’s weak. He’s just going through the motions and wants someone to love him for him. One fateful night, at a fundraiser for a charity his family started, he sees a Viking walk in the door.

Of course, you can all guess who the Viking is by now. Cort, who is currently suspended from the FBI, is there to try and use Cam so that Cam will take him to a party on a private island where Damon is going to be. That plan flies right out the window when Cort and Cam come face-to-face. Sparks fly and Cort discovers that he has a lot in common with Cam and Cam can’t be guilty of causing the plane to crash.

After talking, drinking, and running off Cam’s ex, Cam and Cort go up to the roof to get rid of some stress. They got rid of a lot of stress. Of course, they may have given me some.

This was a truly sweet love story. Cort is a bit of an asshole sometimes, but he at least knows that he screwed up and wanted to fix it. Cam has to work hard to deal with some of Cort’s actions, but when they are both able to get past those problems and get out of their own ways, they work so well together. Just so well together. If you like romances, this is a good one. You have been warned that it is two guys together, so no complaining on that. There is some (very steamy) sex scenes that are just so fantastic. If this sounds like something you are interested in, head over to ‘zon and pick it up. It’s only 0.99 right now, and it’s on KU.


So yeah, remember how I said those sex scenes were hot? I don’t think hot is quite the right word. Sizzling, smoking, as hot as the fire of 1000 white hot suns? Yeah, that’s more like it. I don’t have the particular equipment to have sex like that in those scenes, but that didn’t stop me from really enjoying them in any way. The heat and the chemistry just radiated off the page.

I loved how Cort and Cam flirted, even when Cam really didn’t want to. Cort was persistent enough to get Cam to reply, but not so overbearing that it was all stalkery. That can be a really hard line to managed and Maisy did it really well.

And I cannot say how much I love the end. The HEA is so amazingly amazing. I really want more of these guys, which is always a good sign to me. I can’t wait for Maisy to come out with her next one. I know that it will be as great as this one.

Imagine my ARC disclaimer right here, K?

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