Beautiful Evil: Twisted

Today’s post is all about B. B. Blaque’s newest book, Beautiful Evil: Twisted. The Beautiful Evil series is about Jordan Bishop, which starts in The Monster and ends in The Master. Some of the books are told in an episodic style, from his POV, and are being told as stories to Kash and Colt. They are bikers and show up in her Beautiful Insanity series, about their MC. Bishop teaches them how to be Doms. SNAFU is told from SNAFU’s POV and The Master is happening as we see it. Then we have Twisted. Twisted features Bishop and Kash.

Warning: This story is at times brutal, always dark, and filled with non-con and violence. I may end up talking about some, even before the spoilers, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, stop reading now. You’ve been warned.

OK, the thing about Twisted? Yeah, it’s title fully and completely fits. This is story will probably go on my Top Ten darkest and most fucked up things ever list the next time I redo it.

Twisted is a fabulous What If story. We’ve all played the game. What if I had said yes when that person asked me to marry him. What if I had said no. What if… How would your life be different from just that one little change, and how would it affect the world around you? Well, that’s what B. B. Blaque did here. In The Monster, Kash and Bishop have a chance meeting. Kash asks Bishop to go for a ride on their bikes together, but Bishop has a plan and says no. Bishop is cold and deliberate. He does very little off the cuff or impulsively. He plans, and he plans for every contingency that could happen. Dropping his plans to go out for a ride with Kash just wouldn’t happen, especially since what he had coming up was something that he had been building up to for some time. Except…

What if Bishop had taken Kash up on his offer of a ride?

Kash is the complete opposite of Bishop. He’s all about impulse. He doesn’t plan anything. His thinking is pretty much limited to fucking and fighting. After he fights, he has to fuck, or he goes and kills someone. That’s about it. He does eventually learn some self-control and how to deal with those things, but yeah, basically fight, fuck, or kill.

So, Kash takes Bishop out for a ride and then back to the HQ for the MC he’s currently in. They get together and take on Peaches. They chose her out of a whole long line of women waiting on Kash’s porch to ride his post-fight dick. There, Kash watches Bishop’s particular specialty. Bishop is all about the mind-fuck. Yes, he will fuck your body, but he wants to get into your head and make it last forever, and he’s really, really good at it. Bishop watches Kash’s fascination with blood and knives.

Kash dilutes down Bishop’s deliberateness. In fact, in more than one place in the book, Bishop keeps thinking to himself that this is nothing like him, he never does things impulsively. That really shows up in Bishop’s plans for Mrs. Diamond. Kash causes Bishop to change his plans, and do something that he wouldn’t have otherwise done.

Now for spoilers. I really enjoyed this book, and have loved all of her books. My comment when I finished Twisted was “Holy fuck. I mean, shit. Wow. Fuck.” It was an intense read and just so twisted up in the very, very best way. And the ending? Yeah. If dark, depraved, and totally fucked all the hell up sounds like something you want, then try out the Beautiful Evil series and this book.


Twisted left me asking myself what the fuck I had just read, in a good way, of course. The ending was just OMG good. I mean, I expected the person who was killed to die, but I didn’t expect the person who did it to be the one who did it, although I completely understand their reasoning doing it. But, I sure as hell didn’t expect the consequences from that.

It’s not a long book, a pretty quick read, but I really enjoyed it. I liked seeing another viewpoint on the Diamonds, and Kash’s opinions on SNAFU were really interesting.

The spoiler section is kind of short, but that’s because I don’t want to spoil more than I already have, although I tried to be careful there. I’m leaving with this quote from B. B. Blaque, because it really does embody the whole book.

“One turn can twist things bad, or twist them good. Hopefully, you’ll turn when and where you’re supposed to.. be careful.”

Happy reading!

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